Who We Are

The Imagine Scotland Foundation and charity, “Our Childrens Trust”  (Charity No. SC046439) help children and dependent adults facing difficulties in life to overcome and enable themselves to follow their soul path and be mindful of their energy in doing so. We pay particular attention and care to look after our vulnerable of society and the environment we live in. Children, animals, the elderly and our natural planet are our priority.

What We Do

We use natural resource to help our country consider the consequence of it’s actions. Using animal therapy, natural behaviour and physical activity we educate children and adults to consider their own actions  before judging the environment around them. We want everyone to fulfill their full potential regardless of their wealth or background. Scotland is known for it’s welcoming hospitality and we intend to make sure that continues with respectful boundaries. The busy lifestyles that are material driven today do not necessarily promote healthy development in children or the greater good. If you breed materialism you will get materialism. We breed the best our natural Scotland can offer. A child that cares not necessarily for money but for their passions in life. Education should be fun and fulfilling, a fresh approach to learning through the eyes of a child was necessary to make life better for the eyes of the adult.

Our Charity Patron is the one and only New Zealand’s online dog trainer Doggy Dan who advocates good leadership in our much loved dogs. It is an honour and privilege to have his support.

Upcoming Training Events

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Imagine Scotland Community Gala Performance 2017

Thank you to all concerned for this event, we are grateful to have learned how to get it right for others and the greater good.

Imagine Scotland Community Gala Performance 2020

Tickets will go on sale for Imagine Scotland Community Gala Performance soon! More information comin soon.